his mouth, threw the towel into the laundry

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[travel essentials]: waterproof bags, quick-drying pants, replacement of dry clothes, followers / drifting bags / lifejackets and other auxiliary swimming equipment, waterproof equipment for electronic products (such as mobile phone waterproof bags, camera waterproof bags, etc.), hard-soled sports shoes (wettable), sun and rain protection, please bring your own garbage bags (take care of the car and the natural environment Take your own garbage with you), sunglasses, outdoor hats, towels, lighting tools, etc.

Unclean sexual behavior and multiple sexual partners are one of the important causes of mycoplasma infection, and sexual contact is also an important route of transmission. However, it should be emphasized that sexual contact is not the only way of mycoplasma infection. If you do not pay attention to some sanitary details in daily life, such as sharing towels with others, using dirty bedding sheets in some hotels, sometimes even swimming, soaking in hot springs, etc., may also be infected.

his mouth, threw the towel into the laundry

Do a good job of preventive disinfection, regularly clean and disinfect toys, water cups, towels, tableware and other objects, regularly wipe and disinfect the surfaces of activity rooms, dormitories, classrooms, door handles, stair handrails, desktops, etc., clean and disinfect the toilet every day.

Printed towels as the name implies is the need for printing operation, printing fabric flatness requirements are very high, printed on the suede pattern will be very tight and delicate, feel will be better. But if the embryo towel is not cut velvet, a Terry will be relatively rough, the effect of printing is not as good as the effect of cut surface printing.

Although the main function of the hair dryer is to blow-dry the hair, just after washing the hair, the hair is still dripping directly, but it will cause thermal damage because of the high temperature. Can first use a towel to dry part of the water, hair no longer dripping state, at the beginning of blowing, so as to protect hair quality and increase hair glossiness.

“A guy with no conscience.” Chen Litong was very dissatisfied with the way he yelled at him, curled his mouth, threw the towel into the laundry basket, and then went into the kitchen to find him something to eat.

his mouth, threw the towel into the laundry

Remind the general public that swimming and playing with water must choose regular swimming places with qualified water quality and wash their bodies before swimming. Wear swimming cap and goggles when swimming, try to avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands, do not swallow pool water, and do not share towels and bath towels with others. Wash your body and gargle with flowing clean water in time after swimming to reduce the chance of virus infection.

If you want to do a good job in the storage of the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet + mirror cabinet is essential, and the storage principle is to avoid dampness and non-daily necessities, such as dry towels, bath towels, more washing and care products, etc., and what you need every day can be displayed in the mirror cabinet for easy access. General family a bathroom cabinet can meet the needs of the whole family, not only solve the problem of storage, but also instantly enhance the appearance of the bathroom.

6. After shampoo: after shampoo, inject a small amount of this product into the washbasin. Once rinsed, the oil will be uniformly attached to the hair, or drop on the Duojinong palm and rub it into the hair directly. It is often used to make the hair shiny and beautiful and prevent the hair from yellowing and forking. Will Dr. Olive Li hormone face (traditional Chinese medicine prescription for hormone face) Oil contains vitamins B and E, apply appropriate amount of olive Dorjia oil on the hair, gently massage the hair to fully absorb nutrients, and then wrap it with a warm towel. After an hour, wash your hair with neutral shampoo, Duojinong, you can have a beautiful and supple hair. At the same time, it can also prevent hair loss, oil, dandruff, anti-dryness and hair hormone facial care teaching video (hormone face treatment of white hair) slightly split, if you can adhere to Duojiaonong once a week, the effect is better.