bag for wet clothes and towel

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Early this morning, volunteers were added at the gate of Xingshan Road in Shanghai Experimental Kindergarten. All the administrative staff greeted the children at the door and took shelter from the rain with umbrellas. After entering the classroom, the teachers wiped the children with towels or dried their hair with a hair dryer to avoid catching cold and changing clothes in time. At 19:00 last night, the kindergarten issued a “notice to parents” reminding the class teachers to forward the notice of suspension of classes for half a day today and the whole day tomorrow to parents to ensure that the notice is given to every family. Children who need to come to the park without knowledge or other special circumstances this afternoon or tomorrow should also report to the garden as soon as possible.

bag for wet clothes and towel

Every time you wash your hair, it is best to choose a softer towel and gently absorb the moisture of the hair, rather than rubbing it with direct force. at this time, the hair scale is open, and if you wipe your hair directly, the hair will not only become irritable, but also have hair cut off.

In the past, I always thought that the work in the service industry was simple and easy, and the service was just repeated over and over again, and it was just a process that practice makes perfect. Take the making of guest rooms as an example. Making quilts, making beds and cleaning are the simplest and most common scenes in daily life, but now there are standards, systems and norms in work. It is as small as the laying of a sheet, the folding of a towel, the placement of a teacup, a bow, a smile and a gesture, which I could not have imagined before. How tedious and tedious it is to think that I will work like this day after day. For this reason, I have hesitated, wavered and regretted. However, this idea has changed as a result of a housekeeping job.

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bag for wet clothes and towel

The electric towel rack is so powerful that what we fear most in the south every year may be the rainy season and winter, especially the cold and damp in the bathroom. Especially families who have just given birth to babies will pay more attention to health and sterilization.

Step 6: Reshape the bristles using your fingers. Lay the brushes flat on a clean towel, allowing them to air dry overnight.

2: in the process of application, be careful not to be too heavy, when the bag accidentally encounters water, do not wipe directly, use paper towels to clean the water stains on the bag by suction, to avoid the conflict of the bag metal;