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(1) gasoline is used as a pretreatment agent to wipe the surface of the machine with gasoline, and then spray a layer of epoxy paint on the surface of the machine. This anti-corrosion treatment does not need to be put into processing equipment, nor does it require any technical difficulty. There is no need for a special processing workshop, but for industrial washing machines used under strong acid and alkali high temperature conditions, this treatment process is not effective at all. Generally speaking, it can only be managed for two or three months at most, and the interior of the equipment will rust. For some products, customers will have rust water after using it for about 20 or 30 days. Just imagine, the white sheets and towels you washed are covered with rust and yellow spots. Will your hotel customers be satisfied? Will you accept it?

4. Old clothes. If there are no extra towels at home, old clothes can also be considered for use. on the one hand, waste can be used to protect those fragile items, and the method is also very simple. The method is the same as that of towels. Put one layer on top of it. Although old clothes are easier to use without towels, the overall effect is commendable.

Dry and wet paper towels (extra, after all, consumables) disposable underwear (postpartum lochia disposable underwear is very convenient) aunt towels (buy night use, or pull pants, take more) perineal washers (necessary, crouching can only sit down to wash) will be cold (essential for natural delivery) nipple cream (essential for baby suction) mattress (multi-belt, can be used in the ward delivery room) disposable gloves (nurses will need to help wipe the body. Best rubber) cup with elbow straw + drink medicine cup (bubble Fukang granule) heatable lunch box (soup) + chopsticks (self-provided) 2 towels, basin (upper and lower body separated) socks (pay attention to foot warmth) 2 pairs of non-slip slippers toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, etc., depending on personal habits) lactation underwear discharge clothes 1 set of book and pen (record the time of baby feeding, urine, poop)

In the market, in order to adapt to the taste of cold food in summer, vendors selling cold cakes for seasonal food appeared. Most of these vendors pushed a wheelbarrow with cold cakes on top and a small bucket at the bottom. Sitting by the car, constantly using silver brushes to pull back and forth in the car, repelling mosquitoes, and then constantly removing the towels scattered on the top of the cold cakes, changing the water in the buckets and laying them on the cold cakes to cool and keep fresh. Some vendors get back some rice, cooked rice and yellow rice are divided into two colors: upper white and lower yellow, which the locals call “gold and silver cakes”. Today, it is rare to see cold cakes in the market, instead of selling zongzi. Although there are people selling cold cakes in Kuanxiang, most of them are Jiangmi cold cakes. Because the cold cakes are not covered with rice leaves, there is no flavor of cold cakes. (

baggu towel smile

Another crucial aspect to consider when choosing the perfect travel bag is its durability. We all know beach trips can get a little rough at times – sand, water, and occasional spills are all part of the game. Therefore, opt for a bag that is made from sturdy, water-resistant material to protect your precious towel from any potential harm. Reinforced stitching is an added bonus as it ensures that your bag withstands the test of time, no matter how many beach adventures you embark on. Remember, investing in a high-quality bag will not only guarantee the safety of your towel but also save you money in the long run by eliminating the need for frequent replacements.