be equipped with paper towel s and lipstick. At this

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The next day, it was a day of thorough cleaning at home. Father and mother were wrapped in a towel on their heads, and the broom was tied to a long stick, sweeping the cobwebs on the beams and walls of the house, and tidying up the house and the yard. Wang Xuan sat at the top of the Kang, staring at the TV. Grandma and brother went out early and played their own games.

The third part: find the saturation phenomenon of things that can absorb water. Here, I deliberately put my own question to the young children: the teacher just found a problem when you were doing the experiment. Do you think towels (sponges) can absorb water? But why did I find that the water in this cup was not absorbed by the towel (sponge)?

So I squeezed most of the washed hair out of the sink and dripped all the way to the bedside. I took out the dry towel I had prepared and began to wipe my head. The dormitory is on the second floor, there is no sunshine, and the room is wet and dark. I wiped my hair and ate a mouthful of bread. I just wanted it to be over soon.

5. There are still many cheap handbags on a certain treasure. After all, high school girls also go out on the street. It is very practical for handbags to be equipped with paper towels and lipstick. At this price, you can also find bags of relatively new style and good quality.

be equipped with paper towel s and lipstick. At this

5. Pay attention to the maintenance of public hygiene and personal hygiene, equip public toilets with towels, soap, toilet paper and other items, and have cleaning staff to clean and replace them in time. Although our department has made some achievements in the Patriotic Sanitation month with the theme of “Clean the Environment, protecting Health and promoting Civilization”, there are still some shortcomings. In the future, we will step up our efforts on health care, further work, strive for greater achievements in work efficiency and work quality, better publicize and carry out health care work, and actively cooperate with the College Sanitation month activities.

A 6-month-old baby girl in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, was scalded by boiling water and her family wrapped the child with a towel soaked in high spirits. When the child was taken to the hospital, he was red all over, shocked and unconscious. The receiving doctor pointed out that the wrong practice of family members covering with liquor will not only cause wound pain, but also part of the alcohol will be directly absorbed by the wound skin, leading to drunken children.