registered the collective trademark of “New dry luggage ” and successfully introduced

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The park registered the collective trademark of “New dry luggage” and successfully introduced 18 domestic well-known brand enterprises in 2022. The package products have achieved ice-breaking development and promoted the industry to the middle and high end. It is the first in the country to build a productive service platform for the luggage and leather goods industry– “one network and five centers”, covering five “centers”, including the Internet of things, convention and exhibition centers, collection centers, design centers, testing centers, and financial service centers. At present, Guangzhou Inspection Group, Alibaba and other service brands have settled in, which will provide strong support for the digital development of luggage and leather goods industry in Xingan County.

What makes this luggage truly remarkable is its innovative design and functionality. The spinner wheels provide effortless 360-degree movement, making navigation through busy airports or crowded train stations a breeze. Say goodbye to dragging heavy bags behind you or straining to maneuver through tight spaces. The spinner wheels allow for smooth gliding and effortless handling, no matter the terrain.

Navigating airports, train stations, and bustling streets can be quite challenging when you are weighed down by heavy luggage. Therefore, it is essential to consider the ease of transport offered by your chosen travel bag luggage set. Look for sets that have smooth-rolling wheels and sturdy telescopic handles to ensure effortless maneuverability.

registered the collective trademark of

Size is another significant aspect to consider. While a three-pair shoe bag may seem bulkier than single-compartment alternatives, it should still be compact enough to fit into your luggage or gym bag without adding excessive weight. Ideally, choose a bag with a size that suits your travel or workout routine and accommodates your shoe sizes comfortably.

The famous Book of luxury bags (part II) has been revised three times. Set out from the “new” and set sail from the “heart”. Compared with the first film, it has added a systematic mind map section, updated hundreds of identification points in the past three years, as well as nearly a thousand new bag photos. Including luggage technology, luggage structure, luggage materials, real and fake leather analysis, luxury luggage identification general rule analysis, comprehensive analysis of global luxury brands, gathering the essence of classic cases.