of chemicals to disinfect towel s. Towels can be soaked

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Some people do not like to use a hair dryer, but rudely “rub” their hair with a towel to dry, which will damage the hair scales, making the hair rough and easier to break. This is a big misunderstanding, you should use a towel to gently press the excess moisture to dry your hair.

1. Keep the glass clean, especially the front windshield, which is an important part of keeping it clear. If there is something sticky on it, wipe it with a towel. In the use of glass water should also be used for cars, and winter and summer should be clearly used, can not be misused, otherwise the damage to the glass is very great.

of chemicals to disinfect towel s. Towels can be soaked

Chemical disinfection refers to the use of chemicals to disinfect towels. Towels can be soaked in a 200-fold dilution and can usually be fished out in half an hour.

It can generally cause inflammation of respiratory tract and pharynx, which is characterized by pharyngeal membrane fever, which usually occurs in summer. It can also cause epidemic keratitis and conjunctivitis, also known as pinkeye, which is usually infected by sharing towels in swimming pools or through water contaminated by swimming pools.

5. Hotman: the Japanese towel brand once claimed that its Japanese towel brand products could be used for 20 years without deformation, and still soft and elastic. In 1970, when the Japanese towel brand industry was underdeveloped, the Japanese towel brand set up a Japanese towel brand store aimed at high-quality towels, and the Japanese towel brand was officially named Hotman at that time. Return to Sohu to see more