she picked up a towel . Open it and flush

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We also give “special” care to individual “special” children in the class and conduct case studies. For example, children Yang Qifeng, because the system is not very good, it is easy to get sick. Every day, we have to put a towel on his back for a nap. On the other hand, we encourage him, who is physically weak, to actively participate in physical exercise and strengthen his interest in diet and food intake. Now Yang Qifeng has become healthier and more lively. Rain dream children are very easy to wet their pants and bed. Every day when we take a nap at noon, we always give him a cotton mat, ask her to go to the toilet regularly, and remind her to go to the toilet after the nap.

(1) Clean the face with flowing water within 1-7 days after the change of fruit acid, use only flowing water to clean the face every day, use clean and clean dry towels to absorb the residual water from the face, and do not touch the face forcefully, the reason is that after the change of fruit acid, the facial skin is more unbearable, touching the face hard to damage the facial skin, so the cleansing action after the change of fruit acid must be gentle.

Founded in the auto exhibition, has successfully held a series of Su Road products comfortable, friendly skin, no skin, in line with environmental protection and health requirements. The fiber has high moisture regain, no static electricity and no pilling. The product has good perspiration, absorbs sweat and light sweat on the skin, makes the body temperature return to normal quickly, and really achieves air permeability, perspiration and antistatic. At present, Sudao products are mainly skin products and baby products, the current successful products cover towel series, sock series, underwear series, baby series, home textile leisure series and so on.

On the tender faces of the children, beads of sweat rolled endlessly. Some boys wiped them directly with their hands, while careful girls took out spare towels and gently wiped them. Then they all picked up bundles of wheat and walked forward.

I remember once, in the wee hours of the morning, I had a fever. Because every time I have a fever, I get very high. However, my mother was very anxious and was afraid that I was very uncomfortable. So she picked up a towel. Open it and flush the faucet with cold water. Rinse that towel cold and put it on my forehead. Although it was very uncomfortable at that moment. However, my heart suddenly seems to be surrounded by a hot spring. Later, my mother carried me to the hospital and the doctor showed it to me.

she picked up a towel . Open it and flush

When we travel outside, we spend most of our time outside, climbing a mountain and playing in the water. In this way, we will sweat a lot in the face of the sun all the time. Many people like to take a towel that is specially used to wipe sweat, but after a few wipes, we find that the towel has a smell. In fact, we can choose this kind of folding towel when we travel outdoors, it also has its own cold feeling. When we wipe our face with a towel in hot weather, we can immediately have a cooling effect to avoid heatstroke when we play. It is very convenient to hang it on the bag when you are not in use, without holding it by hand.

The second is to wash the hair according to the above method to distribute an appropriate amount of nutrition baking ointment for the invisible traceless leave. After washing, the invisible traceless wig is wrapped in a dry towel to absorb excess moisture. The net bottom inside the hair block can be dried quickly by a hair dryer, or it can be dried naturally in a ventilated place. After being fully dry, the hair is being combed in the later stage, and when most of the hair is dry. Spray on the styling gel and other auxiliary goods.