“We immediately sealed the door with wet towel s to keep the

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In order to reduce the number of things I bring, I will try my best to compress the variety of things. In fact, the best place to travel in winter is not to bring too many clothes, while in summer you need to change clothes a lot. Not to mention towels, toiletries and other basic items, but I recently fell in love with using facial towels, which is not only very gentle, but also can wipe the dirt or shoes of the box after use.

Shower, towel pole, bathroom mirror, bathroom curtain and other facilities in the separate bathroom allow you to experience the comforts and conveniences of home. Two-way ventilator ensures smooth air circulation in the bathroom. Standard 230L super clean water tank and 70L gray water tank, the outside water outlet can be applied to different environmental water demand, during the journey, there is no need to worry about water shortage.

By watching the “lecture”, I learned some safety knowledge and matters needing attention. For example, in the event of an earthquake, we should run out of the classroom under the direction of the teacher, or hide under the desk, or we can hide in the corner of the narrow space; in case of fire, we should call 110 to report to the police in time and cover our mouth and nose with wet towels. Try to get close to the ground and escape the fire scene along a safe route. When you escape, you should take the stairs, not the elevator. When swimming in summer, you must go with adults, do not play in the swimming pool, do not swim in groups in the river, do not go into the water to help other children when they are drowning, call adults or call 110 to the police.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bag for your makeup gymnastics class, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, the bag should be spacious enough to hold all your gym essentials such as your makeup kit, water bottle, towel, and other personal items you may need during your workout session. Additionally, it should also offer compartments or pockets to keep everything in order, making it easier for you to locate items when you need them most.

Another noteworthy aspect of the chest pouch bag is its versatility. Unlike traditional bags that are limited in terms of functionality, this bag adapts to various situations effortlessly. Heading to the gym? The chest pouch bag comfortably accommodates your workout essentials, such as a water bottle, protein bar, and towel. Going on a day trip or running errands? Carry your essentials without the bulk and discomfort associated with larger bags. Even for travel purposes, this bag proves to be exceptionally handy, allowing you to keep your passport, boarding pass, and other travel documents close at hand.

Residents on the third floor said that when Xiao Wang woke up, the security door in his home was so hot that it could not be opened. “We immediately sealed the door with wet towels to keep the smoke from coming in, but we were worried and afraid of the fire, and we thought about whether to jump out of the window to escape.” Due to the heavy smoke in the corridor, many residents give up escape and choose to close the doors to protect themselves.

The drill will be held on October 21st. The personnel in charge of each floor and doorway arrive at the area under control ahead of time to make preparations. With the rapid sound of “flute”, the children of each class lined up quickly under the organization of the teacher, covering their mouth and nose with wet towels and handkerchiefs, bending over, holding the railing of the stairs, and evacuating nervously and orderly in accordance with the evacuation route of the class. After 4 minutes, all the children were safely evacuated to the playground. The teachers of each class made a sign to the commander-in-chief after counting the number of people. After the children were emotionally stable, they demonstrated the process of extinguishing the fire with a dry powder fire extinguisher on the lit fire according to the pre-arranged fire extinguishing procedure.