and wash hands frequently, do not share towel s and handkerchiefs, etc.;

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Students and parents should pay attention to adding and reducing clothes with temperature changes to avoid catching cold; pay attention to personal hygiene, change clothes and wash hands frequently, do not share towels and handkerchiefs, etc.; cover mouth and nose with paper towels or sleeves when sneezing or coughing; keep adequate sleep and healthy diet, adhere to moderate exercise; maintain indoor ventilation and pay attention to environmental hygiene; avoid contact with patients with influenza-like cases, wear masks if necessary Put an end to going to school with illness, and cooperate with all kinds of prevention and control work.

Provide towels for children after hand washing (towels for children should be sterilized), but in some gardens, one person and one towel should be used. Pay attention to whether the towels are properly spaced. In order to avoid cross-infection, the towels should be at least 1520cm apart.

The HPV virus is transmitted by some objects. Medicine shows that the HPV virus can survive for several hours in vitro, so if the last person is a HPV patient, then the items he has used may also have residues of the virus. Another person will be exposed to the virus when he uses it, and will be infected with HPV if his immunity is low. In particular, some of the more private items, such as towels, bath towels, toothbrushes and so on, are easier to come into contact with body wounds and spread the virus most easily.

Tennis tote bags are not just regular bags; they are specially designed to meet the unique needs of women who enjoy playing tennis. These trendy and functional bags are spacious enough to carry all the essentials required for a game, including tennis racquets, balls, water bottles, towels, and even spare clothes. Moreover, these bags can also be used as multipurpose bags for everyday use or trips to the gym.

3. When you are at home during the holidays, do not leave children at home alone, telling them not to open the door for outsiders; educate children not to climb balconies, windows and other high and dangerous places; household appliances must be cleaned up and do not let children touch them at will; teach children not to play with power sockets, what is more, do not put their hands or conductive materials into the power outlet; teach children to save themselves from fire, such as covering their mouth and nose with wet towels.

Facial towels will leave sebaceous dandruff on the skin, coupled with a humid environment, it is an excellent petri dish for bacteria. If you are used to using towels, try to choose soft towels. Wash and dry in time after use and put it in a ventilated place. More exquisite pig girls can also be dried and sterilized. According to the actual use, change the new towel in time.